Who we are

The Collective

Kerning is a collective of experts in Strategy, Consumer Insights and Innovation. We develop and build social brands that are leading the way.

We share a single philosophy and a unique structure that enables us to most effectively bring our collective talent and expertise to your enterprise. We form partnerships with our clients, working together to harness change, express meaning and making a real impact. In our collective, we think that it’s the people that matter the most, this starts with the clients we serve, the teams we tailor and how we collectively meet their unique requirements.

Uncovering the insight at the intersection of business value and consumer need, that's where my heart lives.

Lisa Boh - Partner, Kerning Brands

Our mission is to help our clients achieve rich, unique and scaleable experiences through a systematic and curated exploration of consumer and client needs, culminating in effective, real-world solutions.

Glen Spurrier - Founding Partner, Kerning


What we do

At Kerning, we build social brands for today’s reality, where consumer’s desire drives the business growth.  Beauty, Healthcare, Technology, Food and Beverage companies rely on our team to guide them from strategy through creative to commercialization. We help them connect to their customer’s needs, build innovative strategies and realize commercial success.

We believe that the traditional agency model is tired. Brands don’t just want beautiful design, they want and need the creative and business strategy to feed each other. We love uncovering big strategic ideas and delivering big results for our customers.

We specialize in innovative creative strategy and design, brand innovation, consumer insights. We have extensive industry expertise with concentrations in Healthcare, Technology, Retail, Consumer Branding and Consumer Packaged Goods.

Our people, our processes and our solutions are important to us but not as much as our clients success.

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Key Industries

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness brands know that today’s consumer relies on social and word of mouth to for product reviews, recipes, and even advice. To stay engaged with this consumer, the brands have to listen, deliver, and share.